who's behind
the treats?

From Leash to Launch: A married couple from Sudbury transforms their love for their furry friend into "Give a Dog a Bone" in 2018.

When Mike and Angele realized the store-bought options for their pooch Blu were, well, let’s just say ‘ruff’, they took matters into their own hands. They whipped up some homemade treats and shared them online, and before they knew it, their friends and family were begging for more. With simple, easy-to-read ingredients, it’s no wonder the treats were a hit with both dogs and their owners. Fast forward a few years and Give a Dog a Bone has become one of  the go-to for top-notch, treats in Canada. So go ahead, spoil your pup with the good stuff.  Whether you’re a Golden Retriever or a Chihuahua, you can enjoy a treat made with love and the finest ingredients.


Photo: Blu

No, that is not a typo in her name. Blu’s name is a salute to her fabulous half-blue eye and proving that her name is as unique as she is!

The Barking Beliefs Behind Our Bites

Ain't no bones about it, a happy and healthy pup is our top priority, and we roll over for nothing less!


Treats That Wow! Slowly baked or dehydrated in small batches for optimal freshness and unsurpassed quality control.

Continuously learning

We don't just chase our tails, we chase excellence, and with each passing day, we get closer and closer!

Commited to Customers

We're all ears when it comes to our customers, because their feedback is the bones of our business!


We don't just make treats, we make treat-sparency, because our customers deserve to know what's in their pup's food!

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the top dog in Canada's dog treat scene.

Our Mission

We're on a mission to provide pet owners with the peace of mind that comes with quality treats, and dogs with the satisfaction of every delicious bite.

The Tale of Treats: A Give a Dog a Bone History

Treats unleashed in 2018

 It all started in Mike and Angel’s kitchen, where they cooked up batches of all-natural delights, stored in big ol’ black containers. But word soon spread, and before they knew it, they were taking their show on the road to local farmer’s markets, ready to dish out their dog-approved treats to the masses. Woof! Who knew all it took was a little love and some tasty ingredients?

2019's Groceries Get a Treat Upgrade

Smith’s Market in Sudbury took a chance on Give a Dog a Bone dog treats, and it was love at first bite! These all-natural delights are a top seller at Smith’s three locations, and now they’re making their way to more grocery store chains and cities across Canada. Who says you can’t teach an old dog new treats?

2021: Outta the kitchen and into the big leagues!"

Mike and Angel’s kitchen was starting to look like a dog treat factory, so they packed up their rolling pins and spatulas and set up shop in their very own commercial kitchen! Now they’ve got more room to whip up even more tail-waggin’ treats for all their furry friends!